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This company is a diesel generator set manufacturer based in China. Our main products include our mobile genset, marine diesel generating set, and gas generator. Powered by Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Daewoo, Deutz, Mitsubishi, Jichai, and other well-known brands of engines, our products offer high performance, environmental protection, and efficiency.

We adhere to strict standards and requirements in the production of our high voltage diesel generator set, and other types of products. In addition, our company features a localized personnel training system, so our employees can improve their skills and keep current on the latest technological advances in our industry. As a result of our quality control efforts and our excellent staff, our products are popular both domestically and abroad.

We value our customers. Because only qualified products leave our factory, our clients can feel confident in using our diesel generator set products. We also provide professional product consultation to assist our customers in purchasing the right equipment for their particular needs. In addition, we manufacture our products strictly according to each client's contract with thorough inspection of each product. Furthermore, we arrange for on call visiting maintenance in order to ensure that our products are operating properly. Our mobile genset, marine diesel generating set, and other types of products can be adapted to a wide variety of alternators such as Kaijiele, Stamford, Leroy, Somer, Marathon, and others.

We value good business practices and take pride in providing innovative, high quality diesel generator sets at economical prices. Furthermore, we have established a comprehensive cost and price control system by utilizing established supply and marketing chains. We also offer an additional price advantage because we utilize a simpler intermediate link to deliver final products to our clients.