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The control panel of diesel generator set is mainly used to control the distribution of the electric power generated by our genset to the electrical equipment. It also can be used to reveal the operating conditions of the diesel genset, and maintain the stability of voltage under the changing operating load. Generally speaking, the user can find the voltmeter, frequency meter, current meter, power meter, three-phase current switcher, three-phase voltage switcher, voltage adjusting knob, and various indicating lights upon this product. The engine oil pressure meter, engine oil temperature meter, battery charging current meter, water temperature meter, start button, start electric lock, etc. can be located on the control panel or diesel instrument panel upon the request of customer.

The internal parts of the control panel have much to do with the excitation method and automatic control of the diesel genset. Generally speaking, the internal parts of the master control screen include at least the voltage adjustor, silicon rectifier diode, current regulator, air brake, and current mutual inductor. The complicated internal structure could also include the overload and shortcut protector, electric speeder, thyristor, relay, small voltage transformer, etc.

Our manual control panel has three-phase AC ammeter, voltmeter and optional switch, frequency meter, water temperature meter, oil pressure meter, battery voltmeter, emergent stopping button. It can provide the basic function of start and stop, the alarm and auto-protection function against the over high or low speed, over high water temperature, over high oil temperature, and too low oil pressure, and many other preset protective functions.

Our Non AC (under-voltage) self-start automatic starting control panel can try to start automatically for three times. The starting time-lag could be adjustable from 3 to 5 seconds, and the stopping time-lag could be adjustable from 0 to 270 seconds. This device has the alarm and auto-protection functions against the over high or low speed, error, too low oil pressure, over current, start failure, over high water and oil temperature, etc.

The ATS control cabinet is the device that can complete the switch between the AC power supply and power genset. When the mains fail to supply the power or can not maintain the normal voltage, this device can start the power genset within 10 seconds, and then switch the power consumers from the mains to power genset. To converse, when the mains get back to normal status, the device can switch the power consumers back to the mains, and shut the power genset. Our company provides a variety of advanced ATS control cabinet with AMF module to be used with the diesel genset control panel. Our ATS control cabinet provides three operation methods for option, Off, Manu, and Auto. It has the integration of generator set available indicator, main power available indicator, and main or generator set power voltage indicator.

Our parallel cabinet is a specific unit for the parallel operation of genset. It has the following features.
1. It is adopted with the U.S. GAC optional parallel module or system for diesel engines or the DEIF system.
2. It provides several operations methods of manual, automatic multi-parallel, centralized control, and simple operation.
3. The device can balance the active load and reactive load automatically, or adjust the load imbalance ratio.
4. The device can automatic peak shaving function, and adjust the number of active generators upon the change of load capacity.
5. It supports the automatic frequency tracking and synchronization control.
6. The product supports the reverse-power, overpower, short-circuit and over-current inspection and shutdown protection.

As a China-based control panel manufacturer and supplier, we also provide water pump generator set, silent generating set, high voltage diesel generator set, diesel generator set (powered by Perkins engine), and more.

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