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Air Cooled Generator Set

Our air cooled generator set is adopted with the joint-developed DEUTZ, WEICHAI, HECHAI, HUACHAI, diesel engines. The application of good engine gives our product a compact structure and reliable performance. We add the newest supercharger with input air backflow function to this genset, so as to enhance the plateau adaptability. In addition, our product reaches the Euro Ⅰor Ⅱstandards.

Operating Environmental Parameters
1 Ambient temperature: -25℃~30℃( when the temperature is over 30℃, the operator must adjust the output power/when the temperature is lower than -25℃,the operator must add a pre-heater to the machine)
RH: 60% or less ( when the RH is over 60%, the operator must do something, such as adjusting the output power)
Altitude: 4000m or lower
Caution: the air cooled generator set should work in the place where there has good ventilation, and little dust, stand or shock.

Our air cooled generator set can be widely used together with the engineering machinery, mining machinery, combine-harvester, air compressor, water pump, and military equipment.

The Advantages of Air Cooled Generator Set
1. Good cost performance. The air cooled genset needs no water cooling system, so it has simple structure, high thermal efficiency, low price, and better fuel cost performance.
2. Good reliable performance. The air cooled genset needs no water cooling system, so there is no need to worry about the issues of decaying, rusting and limescale. The failure ratio is 27% lower than the water cooled type.
3. Long service life, the air cooled genset can warm fast, and has hot cylinder, so it has the little risk of being worn and acid corroded. Experiments show that, the wear rate could be 50% lower that water cooled type.
4. Good adaptability, the average dissipated heat could reach 170℃,so the machine could be used in the desert area and plateau section without risk of cooling water being boiled.

As a professional air cooled generator set manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a vast array of products, including high voltage diesel generator set, small power generating set, gas generator set, and more.

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