Water Pump Generator Set

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Water Pump Generator Set

Our water pump generator set is assembled by the various pump, such as fire pump, sewage pump, clean water pump, etc. and the diesel engine. It could be used as the reliable power supply for building the road and bridge.

The fire pump diesel genset could be widely seen in the store, harbor, airport, oil, petrochemical factory, power plant, LPG station, and textile mill. It is easy to be handled and reliable in performance.

The sewage pump diesel genset could be used to extract the fibrous sewage, sludge, and waste water with solid particles inside. It can replace the labor to transport the various liquid wastes.

The Clean water pump diesel genset could be used to transport the clean water or the liquid has the same physical and chemical property with the clean water. It plays a important part in the water supply and drainage for the tall buildings, gardens, farms, HVAC systems, cities and factories.

The FZB pump is a centrifugal pump that can automatically draw the water, seawater, acid or alkali water, and etc. Working with our diesel generator set, it could be used in the fields of chemical industry, machining, dying, printing, wine making, electroplating, paper making, and cooling.

As a specialized water pump generator set manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers silent generating set, high voltage diesel generator set, diesel generator set (powered by Volvo engine), mobile genset, and much more.

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