High Voltage Diesel Generator Set

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High Voltage Diesel Generator Set

Our high voltage diesel generator set has the following features
1. It can start quickly with little response time, and high-voltage outputs the power with little electric loss.
2. The application of this device can greatly reduce the loss during the electric power transmission and the number of cable.
3. The high voltage genset has good impact resistance and adaptability to load fluctuations. It can withstand overload and super high power load which allows direct startup of large capacity motor.
4. The product has the single-phase loading capacity.
5. It is equipped with the high-voltage switch cabinet, and the computer protection.
6. We also provide the voltage boosting scheme for the low-voltage diesel genset buyer to achieve the same result of using the high voltage genset.

The traditional parallel operation of several low-voltage diesel gensets has many flaws in operation and transmission. In order to ensure the security of using genset, we recommend the high voltage diesel generator set. The high voltage genset has the high output voltage that is equal to the mains, so it can join the mains without the extra electric distribution system, and can be used onto the long distance electric power transmission with little electric loss. In a word, this high-voltage diesel generator set can be perfectly applied in the fields that need the large-amount and long-distance power transmission, such as banks, DC, metallurgy, and civil aviation.

Our company is a professional high voltage diesel generator set manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer gas generator set, silent generating set, mobile genset, and air cooled generator set, among others.

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