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Mobile Genset

Our mobile genset has diversified structures and multiple functions. It could be hand propelled type, three-wheeled type, four-wheeled type, automobile type, trailer type, container type, etc. We took the newest international achievements for reference to design our product in order to enhance the operation experience and safety performance. The following configuration details are for your information.

For the traction part of our mobile genset, we adopt the pothook and a 360° rotating base so as to ensure the flexibility and safety. For the brake system, we equip our product with the air brake interface and the hand-brake system to double insure the safety. In order to ensure the stability, we equip our automobile type product with four hydraulic or mechanical supporting devices. The main body of our mobile genset has a ventilated window in the front, folio doors at the tail, and a pair of side doors for the user to enter or exit. Regarding the lighting, our product has a ceiling explosion-proof light and a desk lamp inside. In the aspect of noise reduction, the enclosure and door of our product are double-layer decorated, and equipped with the acoustic insulation panel. The exhaust pipe is wrapped with the heat insulation cotton. Thus the noise level of our product can be limited within 68dB(A).

The size of main body of our mobile genset can be customized. It is advisable for customer to reserve a width for pass way upon the carrier to provide convenience for the repairer. The appearance of our product is polyurethane polymer painted, and the paint color can also be customized. The exhaust pipe of our product is downward.
In addition, we normally attach two extinguishers to the mobile generator set.

Our mobile genset features good mobility, low center of gravity, and good brake and safety performance. Its carrier is adopted with the beam channel framework structure, and has high strength and rigidity. The height of the carrier could also be adjustable via a bolt type drawing frame. The corners of the carrier is equipped with the mechanical supports, inertia brake, parking brake and emergency braking to ensure the safety in various conditions. The front supporting wheel of the carrier has the function of directing. At last, we also equip the steering light, stoplight, and standard taillight plug.

This company is a specialized mobile genset manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer air cooled generator set, high voltage diesel generator set, diesel generator set (powered by MTU engine), and more.

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