Diesel Generator Set (Powered by MAN Engine)

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Diesel Generator Set (Powered by MAN Engine)

The diesel generator set powered by MAN engine features high work efficiency and economical friendliness, ascribing to the MAN engine. The MAN engine has the EU Tier 2 standard compliant waste gas emission, and higher output power than the engine with the same displacement. The MAN diesel engine is developed on the basis of the latest diesel engine technology, and can meets the strict demands of being applied onto the diesel generator set. In terms of the environment protection, the MAN diesel engine also has a couple of advantages such as the low waste gas displacement and noise. The diesel engine is valued by an increasing number of manufacturers or suppliers due to the strict environmental legislation. More profits can be brought by using this diesel engine.

Technical Parameters

Prime powerEngine modelNo. of cylindersBore/stroke
Fuel consumption.
(L×W×H) (mm)

1. The technical specifications above are on the basis of the AC frequency of 50Hz, power factor of 0.8(lag), rated voltage of 400/230V, wiring mode of 3 phase and 4 wires. The 60Hz diesel generator sets can be supplied according to the customers' requirements.
2. We can take use of the generator of famous brands such as KAIJIELI, STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER, MARATHON etc. upon the request.
3. Specifications may change without notice.

The German MAN group, our engine manufacturer, was founded in 1758. It has developed its business in five fields, including commercial vehicle, industry, printing, diesel engine and turbine, in 120 countries around the world. The MAN marine engine, vehicle engine, etc. has won the world reputation. The world's first diesel engine was born in Germany MAN company, 1897. Our diesel generator set powered by MAN engine has the minimum fuel consumption of 72 L/hr and the maximum fuel consumption of 189 L/hr. The first time loading capacity can reach 50% or more, and the waste gas displacement complies with EU Tier 2 emission standard.

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