Diesel Generator Set (Powered by Scania Engine)

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Diesel Generator Set (Powered by Scania Engine)

The diesel generator set powered by Scania engine has diesel cost efficient design. Its engine manufacturer, Scania, has a design concept of lowering the operation cost as much as possible. The period of changing the lubricant of Scania engine is 60% longer than most other engines, and can reach 400hours. The Scania diesel engine is also pretty reliable in performance. It is adopted with the high efficient and precious centrifugal lubricant bypass filter that needs no replacement but the maintenance. Thus the long MBTF contributes a lot to lowering the maintenance cost.

The Scania Engine adopted by our diesel generator set has been widely used onto the trunks, buses, and a wide variety of devices. It is honored as the Swedish royal power because its perfect diesel cost performance, durability, and reliability.

Technical Parameters

Prime power Engine model No.of cylinders Bore/stroke
Displacement (L) Fuel consumption
(L×W×H) (mm)
250 200 DC9 65A 10-93 5L 127×140 8.87 197 2730×1270×1790 2185
275 220 DC9 65A 10-94 5L 127×140 8.87 201 2840×1270×1790 2350
300 240 DC9 65A 10-95 5L 127×140 8.87 197 2840×1270×1795 2385
350 280 DC12 59A 10-32A 6L 127×154 11.7 208 3000×1395×1770 2530
375 300 DC12 59A 10-33A 6L 127x154 11.7 205 3200×1270×1930 2660
400 320 DC12 59A 10-33A 6L 127x154 11.7 205 3200×1270×1930 2660
450 360 DC12 59A 10-34A 6L 127x154 11.7 201 3280×1270×1940 2800
500 400 DC16 45A 10-30A 8V 127x154 15.6 196 3265x1270×1930 3120
562.5 450 DC16 44A 10-27A 8V 127x154 15.6 195 3265×1270×1930 3220

1. The technical specifications above are on the basis of the AC frequency of 50Hz, power factor of 0.8(lag), rated voltage of 400/230V, wiring mode of 3 phase and 4 wires. The 60Hz diesel generator sets can be supplied according to the customers' requirements.
2. We can take use of the generator of famous brands such as KAIJIELI, STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER, MARATHON etc. upon the request.
3. Specifications may change without notice.

We provide the diesel generator set with 5-cylinder, 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engine for option. The output power of our product ranges from 200 kW to 450 kW, and the minimum fuel consumption could be only 195g/kW.h. The Scania, our engine supplier from Sweden, was founded in 1891. It is the world's leading heavy truck, large buses and engine manufacturers. Scania developed its business all over the world in more than 100 countries and regions, and has more than 1500 sales and service outlets. Scania engine is adopted with the modularizing design, and its parts have good commonality. Thus the user needs not to store too many parts. Through the optimization of the engine intake system, the equipment can adapt to all weather condition.

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